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1 an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition [syn: sport]
2 a contest between athletes [syn: athletic contest, athletic competition]
3 participation in sports events as an extracurricular activity

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athletics plural
  1. Competitive activities such as sports and games requiring stamina, fitness and skill; particularly those activities known in the United States as track and field.


competitive activities
  • Albanian: atletikë
  • Czech: atletika
  • Finnish: urheilu, yleisurheilu (track and field)
  • Italian: atletica
  • Maltese: atletika

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Rugby, acrobatics, agonistics, amusement, association football, bathing, breather, calisthenics, diversion, drill, entertainment, exercise, exercising, games, gymnastic exercises, gymnastics, isometrics, natation, palaestra, pastime, physical education, physical jerks, practice, recreation, rugger, setting-up exercises, soccer, sports, stretch, swimming, track, track and field, tumbling, workout, yoga
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